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Our website is updated as much as possible but we have new cats coming and going all the time so if there doesn’t appear to be anything suitable at the moment, please give us a call 0208 309 1571 or 07799 264510

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Black Cats
Black cats and black & white cats often get overlooked in favour of ‘prettier’ colours
Give a black & white cat or a black cat a chance!

Shrinking Violets
Nervous cats often too get overlooked, yet they can be the most loyal pets given time. Earning their love and trust can be very rewarding.

Indoor Cats
Want a cat, but live in a flat? Some cats can be better suited to the indoor life: cats with FIV, deaf cats, blind cats, very nervous or elderly cats, or simply cats that have previously been used to living indoors.
Tiny & Korky
TinyKorkyTiny & Korky have become friends since they have been in the cattery next to one other. Tiny is an ex feral but is becoming friendlier by the day and Korky who was a stray for a long time and who was timid is now very friendly. Once you have gained their trust they will give you hours of joy. We would like an indoor home for these two where they will be safe.
TailliaThis is Taillia, approximately 8 years old. Taillia had been involved in some kind of RTA or Attack. Her tail was hanging off, infected and shrivelled looking. She had severe injuries to both back hocks and paws. And her coat was not in the best condition where she had been living outside for over 5 years! +. A kind couple contacted us to ask for help with this stray. They had taken her to a local vet and the vet bill for Taillia was going to be £100's. And the only alternative the vets gave was to have her PTS. We had no foster space for Taillia but of course we said yes as having this poor cat PTS when veterinary treatment was available was not an option for us. Taillia was transferred to our vets and her treatment began straight away with x rays blood tests before her operation. Her tail was removed and stitches given to her back feet. She was also clipped for matts in her coat. She had very bad bruising as well on her back legs. Luckily no internal damage was indured to her spine, chest, bladder and bowels so she was able to pass urine and stools naturally. After more than 3 months of treatment Taillia is now ready for homing. Taillia is a little nervous but affectionate once she gets to know you. She is quite vocal at times and likes her food. Taillia needs to go to a home with no other pets or children. We know she would blossom even more if she had all the attention. Please call 07799 264510 and help this gorgeous fluff ball find her forever home that she so deserves.
PercyThis is Lovely Percy approx 1 to 2 years old. He was a stray all tattered looking, full of matts and out in all weathers, extremely hungry, full of fleas and un neutered. Percy has had all his treatment and now looking for a loving home. He is a really friendly boy. Loves affection and loves kisses on his head. But in a home environment he can be nervous to start with. He is not keen on men possibly something that has happened to him in his past. But with an experienced cat owner he will be fine he just needs a little time and understanding and able to build his confidence of trust. Please call 07799 264510 if you could give Percy a loving home. As an only pet with no young children.
CocoCoco is a 9 year old tabby & white cat.
She likes to rub around her carer's legs and sit next to them on the sofa, however she is not a lap cat. She has lots of energy and loves playing with toys and especially the laser pen game. Coco can be temperamental and is used to attention on her terms. Coco's current owners have gone down every avenue to get her to accept the new baby in the home but Coco is extremely jealous and not trusting. The current owners are extremely distraught of the thought of Coco being re homed having her since a kitten. Coco needs a home as an only pet with NO children. And NO men in the home. A experienced cat owner. The home we are looking for is all about Coco and her needs giving her space, time and respecting her personality. Cats like Coco are often treated as semi feral and not given a chance. Coco certainly deserves more, a cosy warm home, plenty of love when she wants it. You would be giving a home to a dear cat that otherwise would be stuck in a cattery for months waiting for that special person becoming depressed and full of anxiety. Could that person be you please call 07799 264510
ChillyCan you resist this beautiful boy?  Chilly is looking for a new home. He is an affectionate boy and loves a cuddle. Approximately 4 years old, he is so sweet and inoffensive that the other resident cats are taking advantage of his nature and bullying him constantly and are making his life miserable.  He is spending most of the time outside. We are looking for a new home where he is the only pet, no neighbouring bully cats. No young children, someone who can devote all their love to him and make him feel relaxed. Chilly is neutered, vaccinated, chipped, wormed and de flead. Could you give this handsome boy that special home. Please call 07799 264510.
KittyKitty is a pretty three year old, friendly little cat who just wants a quiet home to call her own. In her present one there is a resident dog which is stressing her out, not her fault as she has only been in the home a few months. She definitely needs to be an only cat, where she can relax and be her happy self once again. If you think you are able to offer Kitty a loving home where she can be the only pet then please call Gill on 0208 309 1571 thank you.
PedroMeet Pedro our latest arrival. He had been a stray for at least a year when we took him in and so being a long haired cat, he was matted from head to tail. He must have felt so free once he had been shaved and given the works. Pedro is a happy little cat, very loving and cuddly and so pretty and sweet. He will make a wonderful friend for someone on their own with so much love to give. He's approximately between 2 and 5 years old but no older. He is slightly timid so we would prefer a home without small children, but perhaps older ones. He looks a little moth eaten at the moment due to the shaving and the fur hasn't had time to grow back, but one day soon he is going to be a magnificent looking cat who will need grooming regularly. He is neutered, vaccinated, wormed de-flead and chipped and ready for his new home. If you think you like the sound of Pedro and can give him a loving home, then please give Gill a call on 0208 309 1571.                                                                                           © Orpington Cat Rescue