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Would you like to sponsor one or more of the cats pictured below? Sadly these cats for one reason or another are too old, frail and nervous, or have medical conditions that need constant veterinary treatment. Some have behavioural problems and just never get homed. All of them need caring for and feeding for the rest of their lives.

If you feel you would like to sponsor a cat for a minimum monthly sponsorship of £2 or an annual sponsorship of £20, you will receive a certificate of sponsorship together with a photograph.

You can give a sponsorship as a gift, or purchase it for yourself.

Please click on the sponsorship form and send it in the post to us.

Have a look at the certificate you will receive.
We have created a wish list through Amazon, where we have listed much needed items for the cats.
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Paypal Donating is easy please click on the large donate button and select either to pay a one off payment or monthly payment by Debit/Credit Card/Paypal. This can all be done via our website NO forms to fill in. 
One of our long term sponsor cats

RichieRichie is NOW a friendly chap he loves to chat to you and loves company something he has lacked in his past; he came into our care after being a stray in the same road for 9+ years this is what the locals had told us. Upset that no one had ever tried to help him until we got the call. He was in extremely poor condition. He was un-neutered, under nourished; full of wounds, hardly any fur and his teeth were rotten. He had been scavenging for food and trying to survive. Capturing him was hard but finally managed this after several attempts with the cat trap. He does only have 2 teeth now after his vet treatment. After having lots of TLC he now is more trusting with humans and you wouldn’t believe he was the same cat that came into our care three years ago. He still has that temperamental attitude but this is where he has been abused and neglected in the past by humans. We have tried to give him a normal home life but unfortunately he is quite a bully with other cats and a tinkler indoors marking his territory. So the only option for this boy is to live outside where he has his own cattery pen with warm luxury housing and his belly filled twice a day, he is left to roam in the gardens outside free for several hours a day until the resident cats are let out. This is the best we can give him but a massive life change for this dear boy. He loves to be fussed by his foster carer, and so excited to see her he chirps away whilst giving her kisses and cuddles, he loves playing with his catnip toys he is not a fussy eater and eats till his heart’s content. We have got so attached to this boy and so proud of how he has come on. He has become part of our furry family. Richie is fit and healthy and on no medication. We hope that he can spend his last few years of his life a happy old man and so glad he was not left to fend for himself any longer.
SherbetSherbet a very nervous kitten, we desperately tried to home him.  With not much response it was decided as he had settled so well with the other resident cats he would remain in the foster house rather than upsetting him moving him on to a new home and new people. Even now after 6 years indoors he will hide when people knock the door or come to visit. And as for the window cleaner and the dustman you would think they were aliens!!. Sometimes Sherbet’s little head will appear from behind the sofa. And he certainly never ventures out when the wind blows or it rains hard so he lives an indoor life most of the time through his own choice. He adores the laps and cuddles of his foster mum he feels safe. And has grown into the most gorgeous looking feline. 
Joey & Billy
JoeyThese two are little mischievous teenagers, Billynervous at first with strangers, but soon following on with lots of affection once they get to know you. They have been overlooked every time in favour of the more colourful kittens we have had in our foster care. They are truly adorable little boys. They are micro-chipped, vaccinated and neutered. They have been in our foster care for a long time and until we can find someone to take them on, they will be sponsor cats to help with the cost of their food, litter and veterinary costs.
HollyThis little female appeared one day on a farm. She was very thin and hungry, no more than a young kitten herself, so nervous no one could get near her. The owner of the farm started to feed her and as time went on she gradually put on weight, when much to the surprise of one of the staff on the farm noticed her with tiny kittens just opening their eyes huddled under a tarpaulin. That’s when the farmer called us to say he was desperate to catch them before they become feral. We then worked with the farmer to help trap mum. They survived all the snow and cold weather. On Christmas Eve the telephone rang, bingo! All went to plan getting mum and kittens were trapped and they were re-united together. Safe and warm in one of our cattery houses with plenty of food.
As we caught them on Christmas Eve we decided to call mum Holly. She is all black and was no more than 10 months old herself. The kittens were two females, who we named Twinkle and Belle who we homed together. But as Holly was a feral cat and had settled so well in our foster care and attached herself and adored all the other cats we decided she would remain in our care in a nice warm cosy home as a permanent sponsor cat.
Tabitha & Truffles
TabithaTrufflesTabitha & Truffles first came to our attention when they were advertised for sale on a notice board in one of the supermarkets. We thought it was odd because they also wanted a grey/white female kitten, & Tabitha & Truffles were adult cats. Anyhow we gave them a call and went along to see the cats. What a filthy hovel we found them in. It was mid winter, freezing cold, no comforts for the many cats, stinking of unneutered toms, obviously not lived in, plus a dog in a cage under the stairs. The woman was making money out of the uncared for animals.
Both cats were unneutered although she insisted they were! And they were petrified, probably because they had never been socialised. How could we leave them there? We handed over the required amount of money and walked away with the two cats. Needless to say she was reported to the RSPCA.
Violet & Fi Fi
VioletThey originally came from a pet shop only a few weeks old huddled in the corner in a very small dirty cage surrounded by noisy birds. A family felt sorry for them and bought them but did not realise how timid and petrified they were. FiFiViolet was untouchable, they both hid under the bed growling, spitting and hissing terrified of the owners children. It then dawned on the family that was why the pet shop owner used a large leather garden glove to pick them up and put them in a cat carrier. The owners decided that they were far from being friendly cats suitable for young children so they signed them both over to us to rehabilitate and re-home. After several months and no one wanting to give them a chance our fosterer decided to bring them in from the cattery. She has spent a lot of time with them with lots of TLC, in return they have now learnt to trust her. Now Fifi is a lovely friendly cat, Violet is still nervous but can be stroked if she stands still long enough. She does actually sleep on your chest so given more time she to will become friendly. These sisters deserve a loving home. All they need is a quiet indoor, adult home, where they can show themselves as the beautiful cats they really are. They have been in our foster care for a long time and until we can find someone to take them on, they will be sponsor cats to help with the cost of there food, litter and veterinary costs.
LincolnLincoln was with us for such a long time, even 'though lots of people were interested in him, the one thing that made everyone holdback, was the fact Lincoln is a 'Biter'. Many people came to see him
with the intention of giving him a home, but decided against it, because of the risk element, maybe not to them but to visitors or neighbours children etc and with one viewer even going away with a very sore hand, we decided he was not suitable for homing. When one of our long term fosterers offered to take him on indefinitely, we were over the moon. In this home, we knew he would be
happy and the biting would not worry Sue at all, she was used to it from other cats she had cared for in the past. He has settled well and yes, true to form he is carrying on biting, but even so, he is still a very lovable handsome boy, who really can't help the way he is.                                                                                           © Orpington Cat Rescue