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About us
Here is a brief outline of what our aims are and what we do as a charity:

Some of the reasons why cats/kittens come into our care. Cats abandoned becoming a stray, relationship break-ups, moving home or abroad. Or the death of the owner. A new baby, or allergies.
We take the cats/kittens into our care.
If our foster homes are full, we offer to put the cat/kittens on our waiting list but in the meantime give out contact numbers of other animal welfare charities to see if they can help.

The care
Every Cat/kitten that comes to Orpington Cat Rescue will be cared for by a foster home.
All animals will be thoroughly examined by our vets and treated where necessary. And will stay in foster care until they are well enough to be rehomed.
Some times we have cats/kittens requiring long term veterinary treatment but are still homeable and the new owner’s would be advised of this.
We have a non destruction policy, except on good veterinary advice.

To reduce the large number of unwanted cats every cat that comes into our care will be neutered.
With the exception of young kittens. In these instances we ask the new owners to sign a neutering form to ensure the kittens will kept in until 5-6 months old when they will be old enough to be neutered.

Straying Cats
When we receive calls regarding stray cats first of all we try to obtain if they are a genuine stray. We ask that the caller enquire with neighbours and check with local shops for notices and veterinary surgery as to whether the cat has been reported as missing/lost, we also ask that a collar and disc (which can be supplied by Orpington Cat Rescue) be placed on the cat with a note: If this cat is owned please call tel ????.
If we receive no calls within 15 days, we will assume the cat is a stray and take them into foster care. We then a second time make enquiries and check with various veterinary surgeries if the cat has been reported missing/lost ie owner may have been on holiday for two weeks. If none of this proves successful the cat/kitten will then be fostered for rehoming.

When we receive an enquiry for a new home one of our experienced volunteers will carry out a home check for suitability before any cat/kitten is placed there. This will ensure that the cat/kitten is in the appropriate home bearing in mind its past history where they will be cared for and happy.
If any cat/kitten cannot be homed for what ever reason i.e. very elderly or have medical problems they will stay with Orpington Cat Rescue for the rest of there lives.

All cat/kittens that come into our care or any feral that needs treatment/neutering to be then put back to there familiar surroundings will be micro chipped & registered to Orpington Cat Rescue. Even once a cat has been homed they remain registered to the charity. All we ask is the new owners to advise of any change of address should they move home. The reason for this is if the cat/kitten goes missing they will be returned back to the charity. We then make sure the cat is re-united with its owner. But if the owner has not advised us of their new address the cat will then come back to the charity and not have to go through the trauma of becoming a long-term stray or go into the care of another charity.

All our volunteers who work for Orpington Cat Rescue whether a fosterer, home checker, fundraiser, use of transport, maintaining the website, membership & newsletters updates, dealing with the finance’s amongst many other behind the scenes helpers, are not paid for there work. They purely help and carry out the work required to keep the charity going because of there love for cats.

We fundraise in various ways. Members of the public and our members donate various brick a brac, collectables, jewellery, toys, stationary amongst many other items of which we could not list them all to sell on our stalls at outdoor events such as fetes and fairs locally. Some of our members hold garden parties. We have collection boxes at the veterinary surgery & cattery we use, we have a sponsor scheme for our unhomeable cats we also have a membership scheme for a small fee for people wishing to support us. We send out appeals in our newsletters, we receive donations when we home cat/kittens and lastly we hold cat food tin collection days at supermarkets.                                                                                           © Orpington Cat Rescue