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Paddy's Story In Memory of Paddy Happy Endings

In Memory of our Dear Paddy
Aged 18yrs young 2005-2023
Our logo and start of Orpington Cat Rescue

PaddyWe said goodbye to our beautiful Paddy on 18th May 2023 who sadly suffered a stroke. We knew we wouldn't have you for much longer but you improved so much in 3 days. Sadly you suffered another clot causing you to go blind and decline more. You had become deaf a year before your quality of life was our priority. You out lived so many that came and went and we thought you would be with us forever if only that could be true. Letting you go was the hardest goodbye in 22 years of rescuing. Your rescue was so sad we decided that you would become our logo and mascot back in 2006 for Orpington Cat Rescue a reminder of how your liPaddyfe was saved. You were the most calm, chilled cat adored affection and greeted everyone who visited humans and furry. Your nick names were Paddy maginty magoo, Goo Goo or just plain Paddy. You took every cat or kitten under your wing never fazed by any of them. As an old veteran over the years you showed the ropes to the younger ones. We have so many wonderful memories you being with us for 17 years!. You came to us after a member of the public called us the day after boxing day in 2005 you were found collapsed in Paddythe street, skin and bone weighing less than 2kgs, your coat covered in yellow pus, your skin so bad from urine and faeces burns, your claws so long growing in your pads causing so much pain, with yellow pus oozing. The vet said it was the worst case of neglect she had ever seen in 29 years. We decided to call you Paddy as this fitted because of the one of the many things that were wrong with your health when you came to us. After much medication, treatment it took a year to get you better and you remained on medication for a few more years you blossomed into a 7kg chunky monkey. Everyone loved you. Rubbing on people's feet, legs and very partial to handbags. Your tummy rubs and dribbling all over them. You bonded with dear Teddy a black Rescue cat who we took in 4 weeks before in 2005 and remained devoted to each other until sadly Teddy wasPaddy PTS in July 2021. That's when you started to go down hill including going deaf was it just old age or was it you missed your Teddy we will never know if only you could of talked to us.
You loved the running water from the tap, drinking from all the puddles, pots, watering cans in the garden. Your night time catnip mice hunting around the house, your rough and tumbles with Marmalade, Teddy and the many kittens who hung around you. You was always in charge all the cats washed you you had thePaddym all wrapped around your paws Goo Goo. You never gave us any trouble except when being stubborn and lazy wanting us to open the back door when you had a perfectly good catflap. Considering your past your health was relatively good for many years except a dodgy limp like having a wooden leg from a hip injury before you came to us causing constipation from time to time. There will never be another Paddy we have lost a very very special boy our hearts are so broken without you. No more cuddles with you, our laps missing you, your sweet meow no more.
RIP sweet boy you will now be with your Teddy. Until we meet again our darling boy sleep tight we will always always love you forever.
Paddy Paddy Paddy
Paddy Paddy Paddy
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