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Our website is updated as much as possible but we have new cats coming and going all the time so if there doesn’t appear to be anything suitable at the moment, please give us a call on 07799 264510

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Black Cats
Black cats and black & white cats often get overlooked in favour of ‘prettier’ colours
Give a black & white cat or a black cat a chance!

Shrinking Violets
Nervous cats often too get overlooked, yet they can be the most loyal pets given time. Earning their love and trust can be very rewarding.

Indoor Cats
Want a cat, but live in a flat? Some cats can be better suited to the indoor life: cats with FIV, deaf cats, blind cats, very nervous or elderly cats, or simply cats that have previously been used to living indoors.
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PrincessPrincess is about two years old and was born outside, with little human contact in her first stages of her life. Princess is a very nervous cat, semi feral and not easily handleable. Princess has had 3 litters that we know of. Since coming here to Orpington Cat Rescue with her last litter of 6 who were born outside she has become more trusting and we are able to stroke her. Princess is now ready for rehoming she has been neutered, Chipped, fully vaccinated, wormed and de flead. Princess needs a very calm environment, no other pets or children and lots of time and patience we think she deserves a chance and not automatically placed in an outdoor environment of a farm or stables, as we can stroke her. If you have experience with very nervous cat or cats/ semi feral. Please call 07799 264510.
No other Pets
No children
Indoor Home only
FrederickFrederick is approx. 11 months old, white and Tabby, but a big boy, very sweet, loves to be held and a total lap cat. Frederick has settled extremely well with us here, playful, confident and adores company and all his toys, he was bullied by other strays in the cat colony. A kind lady took him in. He has the sweetest little meows and a curious fella with a cheeky playful side. He really is a character and full of affection and fun. A really lovely boy.
Frederick is fully vaccinated, neutered, vet checked. Wormed. Deflead and microchipped.
Please Tel 07799 264510
Thank You
Freya & Winnie
Indoor Home
A gorgeous pair of kitties Winnie and Freya. Winnie is a 10 month-old all black cat who is probably the sweetest little fella. He was part of another colony Winniebeing fed by a kind lady. He was found stuck up a chimney outside after being chased by roaming dogs. He was a tiny frightened kitten at the time scrawny and unloved. He was terrified but the kind lady broke away the chimney to rescue him.
Winnie is a little playful baby with tiny squeaky mews, and such a playful sweet personality. He literally loves to be held like a baby, and nuzzle into your chin and chest purring. So doting and affectionate. He also loves to play a lot and has some serious acrobatic moves - he’s nimble and beautiful to watch. He has the most amazing purr and really is a sweet boy.
Winnie will tap you playing then run off like playing his little game for attention.
Then there’s princess Freya 12 months old all white. Freya was found abandoned on her own surviving off a bin by a supermarket. The cashier kept seeing Freya skinny and loitering around Freyathere, she began to play with her with a string and noticed Freya was willing to play. So the lady trapped her and took her to the vets. She’d never been to a house before or inside or even with humans properly
She was put with Frederick and Winnie which gave her comfort. She took to them both immediately.
Such a sweetie - she is very nervous at first and will need time to build trust but once she does she is first to greet you, purring and chirping, on her back legs head butting for pets. She loves to be stroked. But will need time before being picked up. Every day she gets more trusting. Winnie is her little brother. She will need patience and love to heal her abandonment wound, and let her be held. She’s getting there but I suspect a new family may need to give her a while before they can hold her in their arms - she needs gentle adaption to that.
3 cats is alot for someone to take on so Frederick the most confident is being homed separately and would enjoy outside to.
Whereas Freya and Winnie would be fine as indoor cats because although Winnie is friendly he can be nervous and Freya is nervous to. Its easier to socialise indoor cats that are timid and or nervous this gives them security and routine and protection to the dangers of the outside world for their own long-term welfare.
Another added addition to an indoor home environment is if you have a Catio that would also be a great way of giving secure outside space. So this would be great to. But not essential for homing Freya and Winnie.
Please call 07799 264510
Thank you
  Please still get in touch with us if you are looking for a new kitty to be part of your family. We may not have many cats listed but we are always able to put you on our waiting list or put you in touch with other rescue cats in need.
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