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"Missing Pet" advice
Rescue Centres and Cat Chat
Report your cat as missing to all the local rescue centres and cat charities. Please visit a website called cat chat you will then need to type in your post code and this will then list all the local charities to obtain their telephone/email/website details.
Animal Search
This applies to all pets even whether they are chipped or NOT microchipped.
Pet search is a company that will register your Pet missing or if you have found a Pet this is then distributed to all vets and rescue centres via email. Visit their website
You can also post lost and found animals on Facebook.  We have found two Facebook pages Orpington Gossip and Pettswood Gossip which have been very helpful and succeeded in re-uniting Pets with their owners. There are also many lost and found facebook pages here are the main ones:
1. UK Cats lost and stolen and also found
2. Kent lost found cats south East UK
3. Pets lost and found Pettswood Orpington and surrounding areas
4. Lost stolen found Dogs and Cats in all areas SE London/Kent
5. Cats lost found and missing Croydon Bromley and surrounding areas
6. Lost and found Dogs and Cats UK
Report your cat as missing to all the vets within a 10 mile radius, as if your cat is inquisitive it may have ventured into a stationary vehicle, or if your cat is friendly, it could have followed someone home and they might now be feeding it and have reported it to their vet as found, which may not necessarily be the nearest veterinary practice to where you live.
Give as many details as possible for example, say if your cat is micro-chipped, if wearing a collar when last seen at home, state the breed or type of cat giving colouring and any particular markings, age, sex, neutered, state whether any distinguishing features, such as scars, missing teeth, any irregularities to ears, tail, legs etc. Any medical condition, i.e. diabetic, or if your cat is on medication.
If your cat is micro-chipped Inform the micro-chip company or rescue centre (some rescue centres keep the cat registered to them). Make sure your details are up to date with the micro-chip i.e. address and two telephone numbers, a mobile number is always a good source of contact. All cats that are handed over to a vet or rescue centre should automatically be scanned.
When a pet has gone missing there is a chance that it may have become locked in a shed, garage or outbuilding. If at all possible, with your neighbours’ permission, search their gardens, etc, yourself; as if your cat is frightened, hiding and trapped somewhere, it is more likely to come forward to a familiar voice than to a complete stranger. Ask them whether they have noticed any signs of disturbance in the shed, such as items misplaced or knocked down, as this could indicate that a cat is locked inside. Maybe they would then be kind enough to leave open the shed door, to allow your pet to escape, at the same time checking to ensure that no other animals wander in.
Sad News
Unfortunately many cats are involved in Road Traffic accidents. It is sad to face up to this but it is important to thoroughly search an area close to your home including your garden, neighbours’ gardens and any communal areas in your street. If they have died then their location may not be obvious straight away. They could have taken shelter under bushes, behind a shed or other building etc. A quick glance out of the kitchen window by your neighbour is not enough. If your pet has sadly been killed in a road accident then it will probably be picked up by the council in your area - it is always worth giving them a ring. Here is the number for LB Bromley 0300 303 8658.
Inform everyone
We recommend you tell the following people: Postman, milkman, paperboy/girl, window cleaner.
If your cat has been spotted but has become very nervous or does not appear when you are around, you can borrow a humane trap from us. The idea is to put a small amount of food at the back end of the trap to entice the cat in. Once it is in far enough, the door will close behind it. This procedure does not harm the cat at all (full instructions available on collection). It is important to note however that the trap must never be left unattended as other cats or wildlife could be caught and become distressed if left for too long. We require a deposit which is returnable when the trap is brought back in good working order. Tel number for trap 07799264510.
The two-week wait
Every year, cats become trapped in neighbours’ houses or garages on the day they go on holiday for two weeks. It is amazing how many owners report to us that their cat returned after exactly two weeks and one explanation is that they were in someone's house or garage.
Going on holiday
If you are going to leave your cat at home to be fed by friends or neighbours while you are on holiday, it is far safer to shut it in at all times, locking the cat flap. If not, the feeder may not be aware that another cat is entering through the cat flap and eating all the food. The poor resident cat then goes walkabouts in search of food and company elsewhere. Now someone is feeding a presumably lost cat. If we are contacted with this lost cat, we will scan it for micro-chip details. If there are none, we will fit a quick release safety collar saying “if this cat is owned, please call this number …”. If there is no response after 2 weeks and the vets have not had the cat reported as missing and no posters have been seen, then we assume it is a stray.

We cannot emphasise how important it is to have your cat micro-chipped and that it wears a quick release safety collar with ID tag. Both collars and ID tags can be purchased form us. Please call 07799264510.
Poster positions
Put posters on lamp posts, at bus stops, in local shop windows, and vets. Sometimes these posters do get taken down by children or other unhelpful individuals but it is always worth doing. Here is an Example of a poster.
Print flyers and distribute them through letterboxes in your road and the roads backing onto you. If after 2 weeks there is no response, repeat this process as sometimes people need their memories jogging.
Searching on foot
If you search the local streets -do this on foot, you will have a better chance of hearing your pet if they are in distress. However if you decide to search at night we recommend you take a friend and a mobile telephone. Shake their biscuit tin or favourite toy, and don't be embarrassed calling their name out loud then pausing to listen for a reaction. It will make people aware that there is a missing pet in their area.
If your cat is found Lastly if you do find your cat please don’t forget to inform the vets and local charities you contacted in the beginning. This will help them to keep their lost and found records up to date. They will be pleased to hear your good news and it will make all their hard work seem worthwhile. Don’t forget that the more you advertise, the more likely you are to locate your cat, and never give up. Good luck!                                                                                           © Orpington Cat Rescue