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Our Foster Cattery
CatteryCatteryWe have 6 garden pens in one location. Our foster cats have soft playing music, nice cosy beds with heater pads in their own little house with heaters tubes with plenty of toys and scratching posts to help stimulate them whilst in our care.
Our fosterer spend many hours with the cats doingregular checks, cleaning and caring with lots of TLC. Part of a fosterers daily duties include sitting with the cats and working with the more timid/aggressive cats so they are more home able, Endless cleaning to do,repairs to the pens, trips to and from the vets, purchasing all the cat food and cat litter, washing bedding, taking photos of the cats for our advertising boards, FB and the website. Taking calls for cats in need waiting to come in strays/ferals/injured and sick cats and collecting them, or trapping using humane cat traCat housesps. Taking enquires for future newcattery homes. Arranging viewings, matching the cats with suitable homes. Completing all the relevant adoption papers medical history and vaccination cards. Making two follow up telephone calls to see how the cats are settling in their new home and if the new owners require any help or advice.
It’s a full time job but is all carried out for the love of the cats.                                                                                           © Orpington Cat Rescue