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Happy Endings
BakeyNow in a new home. Here is his journey.
Bakey came to us as his owner couldn't care for him anymore due to an accident.
Bakey was 11 months old not neutered and a indoor cat.
Sadly, because he was a nipper/biter and all black it took over two years for anybody who wanted him. He became very offensive towards new people when they visited as he had bonded with his fosterers only. He didn't get on with other cats either so couldn't remain at the sanctuary permanently. He was allowed outside run around time every morning and Evening but no life for him permanently confined to the cattery and two run around times a day.
It was a bitter sweet day when he went to his new home but for his own welfare the kindest thing to do. His new owners had owned a previous cat who liked to bite and attack so they knew what to expect. He really is settling well and his new owners took slow steps in settling him in and bonding with him finally to a stage he had free run of the whole house and garden. He will now be safe, loved, free and have a home to call his own and king of his own castle. Thank you Bakey for giving us so much enjoyment and fun but your new chapter has only just begun have a happy life Mr Bakey
Fudge & Angus
Angus & FudgeFudge & AngusFudge was a stray and a kind couple took her in as she was pregnant, she then came into Orpington Cat Rescue care after having the litter of kittens only few weeks before pregnant again she was only young herself approximately 12 months' old.
Female cats can get pregnant at 16 weeks old, after having a litter the mum can get pregnant again when her current litter is 6 weeks old. So, it was important that her 2nd pregnancy was her last.
Fudge gave birth to 5 beautiful ginger kittens sadly 4 were still born. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see and that poor Fudge had to endure so much loss. Thankfully one survived and thrived we named him Angus he developed into the strongest chunky ginger boy having all his mums undivided attention and milk. Fudge was a good mum and very protective of dear Angus. He was such a character and had the loudest lungs telling mum and us that he wanted something he was slow to start with training to use the litter tray and weaning as he was spoilt by his mum Fudge being the only one. But he got there in the end at 8 weeks old. Fudge and Angus finally went to their new home a few weeks later after both being neutered, fully vaccinated, vet checked, wormed and de flea. Both are doing well and enjoying life having space outside to explore and giving lots of enjoyment to their new owners who are real Cat lovers. A very happy ending for them both.
HerbieWhat can we say about this sweet boy. We homed him 9 years before. He initially was a stray un neutered. Sadly, his owners decided to get another cat couple years after having Herbie we were unaware of this if we had of been could have given guidance if it was the right thing to do for Herbie. We received a call to say it wasn't working out and Herbie had to go after all this time. We were extremely disappointed and sad for sweet Herbie. Part of our adoption agreement states cats and kittens can be returned and guaranteed a place back with us if for any reason they need to be rehomed. We were so pleased he came back to us so we could finally find him that one to one home he needed to bond with.
He is such a character Herbie and loved to chat loved a fuss, cuddles and your attention super cute and loving we would have kept him but he needed that one-to-one care no multi cat household. We received a call from a kind man a real cat lover who spoke very fondly of his previous cats and really didn't seem fazed by his past no tick boxes just wanted to give Herbie a loving home and that one-to-one undivided attention he deserved. Thank you, Christopher, I know he will be safe and loved in his senior years.
Rosie (Rosina)
RosieSweet Rosina was rescued from a life in a rabbit hutch!. Gentle wee girl, long haired and bushy tail beautiful markings. We rehomed her to a lady who adored Rosie as she was called. Sadly, Rosies owner became ill several years later and went into a care home so Rosie needed a new home. Part of our adoption agreement states cats and kittens can be returned and guaranteed a place back with us if for any reason they need to be rehomed.
A wonderful younger couple came forward to adopt Rosie who was now in her older years 10+ to a calm, quiet home and have since invested so much time with her to help Rosie settle in she is loved beyond measure and a very happy ending indeed. Queen of her castle. We couldn't have wished for a better home.
FaithFaith an elderly frail girl 16+ was constantly hanging around alleys looked in poor shape, weak, matted coat, balding patches, thin, hungry and thirsty. A kind young lady who we homed a pair of kittens to few years before got in touch with us to see if we could help this poor wee girl. Of course, we helped get this sweet kitty off the streets and finally received the tests, diagnosis and treatment she deserved. She had flea allergy was under nourished and dehydrated. With several weeks of TLC, flea treatment, steroids, regular food shelter and water she blossomed into a chunky, thick coat affectionate old lady. We received a call from a lady who lived in a very large two storey flat more like a house. Who wanted an elderly indoor cat. When i attended the home visit there was a cosy fire on, lovely comfy sofas and photos shown of previous cats owned. Clearly Faith would have that security she needed to enjoy her final years. It was a perfect match and she would finally be safe and get the care she so deserved.
MackMack, such a friendly boy and loved affection he just couldn't get enough cuddles how sad as he lived outside.
Mack was sadly in a multi cat household with his mum Lady. They were outside permanently as wouldn't come in because of the other cats. Mack had a very bad skin condition which actually was through living outside and not de flead. After few months of treatment, he blossomed into a chunky fella with a thick coat. Mack was homed separately to his mum, as Mum (lady) wasn't at all bothered with her son and actually grumpy at times with him. Mack went to a great home were not only did he have one home but an annexe home at the bottom of the garden so when Macks owners are out Mack can go into his Nans house for cuddles to. What a lucky boy cuddles all round in a safe quiet road to. Mack has continued to blossom and a fabulous happy ending. He is not only king of one castle but two.
LadyLady the mum of Mack was extremely timid but affectionate once she trusted you. Sweet girl and just wanted to be an only cat. She was a little thin and had slight issues with her skin which again living outside didn't help and not de flead. After treatment she blossomed putting on weight and her new name of Lady mini roll was given by her new owners. Who took Lady on a little while after Mack went to his new home. Lady has settled so well and now an indoor cat which suits Mini Roll just fine she is now Queen of her own castle and spoilt beyond measure.
Tiggy & Winston
Luna Mum

Tiggy & WinstonTiggy and Winston were kittens on a scrap metal site their mum Luna had turned up pregnant she gave birth outside and were being fed by the land owners. It was no permanent life for them all and the longer it was left not only would Luna get pregnant again and kittens born outside, all the kittens would become feral and 3 cats in no time would lead to 50 in a year or so.
A plan was set up on not feeding in the morning so they were hungry later in the day and time put a side to wait patiently. Mum was caught and popped in a cat carrier but the kittens now around 10 to 12 wee weeks old had to be trapped using a humane trap. They were then all taken to the vets for treatment and neutered at different stages. Mum Luna was rehomed very quickly; an affectionate and calm cat so was homed to a family where she settled very well.
Tiggy and Winston needed socialising and work as they had received little human contact. We knew their best long-term home would need to be indoor so to build trust and bonding. A lovely couple came forward and ticked every box and more to secure their future. It has taken many months of patience, training and love but they have developed into the most affectionate cats to their owners. They certainly rule the roost but in a lovely way nothing is ever to much trouble for Tiggy and Winston's ongoing welfare and they are both very lucky little cats from scrap metal yard existence to a cosy huge apartment full of toys, scratch posts, hidey holes, sofas and beds. With abundance of love and cuddles they could ever wish for.
BalooThis fella was a stray for quite some time. We neutered, Chipped, wormed and de flead unfortunately we didn't have space to take him in so he was returned and the lady who alerted us about his situation agreed to keep feeding him and providing shelter outside it was summertime so he wasn't out in all weathers until we had a space. But Baloo disappeared within 24 hours after being neutered and returned to the lady. We knew one day he would appear again because of his chip. It was few months later unfortunately; it wasn't how we expected and we received a call from our vets to say a member of the public found Baloo in terrible condition and a injury to his eye. Poor Baloo he must have been in so much pain for so long. He had been SHOT and his eye was popping out, infected, Swollen, crusty wounds. He had a bloated tummy, bald patches and under nourished. How long he had endured this pain and discomfort the vets advised months!. Thank goodness some kind person took Baloo to a vet and thank goodness we chip all our rescues. Here are some photos of Baloo. Baloo has fully recovered from his eye removal. How could anyone do this atrocious act of cruelty to such a friendly beautiful creature. Baloo is amazing he is so trusting of humans and a fantastic boy. He craves attention loves his food. Poor Baloo he can be clumsy and mis-judges jumping due to only having one eye but he learnt how to adjust. We love him dearly whilst in our care here and you really cannot stop yourself cuddling him, he just melts your heart and making up for lost time after living on the streets for so long. We are so grateful he was handed in. Thanks to microchipping he got the help he needed.
Because Baloo only had one eye and little clumsy it was decided to place him as an indoor cat. Baloo went to his new home a very large apartment a young couple who were at home a lot for work and shifts ongoing not just for pandemic reasons. This would mean Baloo would have alot of company he so craves. He settled in well and is loved by them and anyone who visits. Another happy ending indeed.                                                                                           © Orpington Cat Rescue