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We have 18 permanent cats in our care at present. They have remained with us for many reasons but mostly due to long term ill health or semi feral to feral and sometimes just because they are plain black! The funds we raise not only have to feed and pay for vets bills for the cats we have for homing but also the 18 permanent cats. This puts on a huge strain with our food and vets bills and as time goes on the younger ones become older and this encounters elderly conditions of medication and treatment which at present is: 1 cat with hyperthyroidism, 2 cats with diabetes, 1 cat with poly cystic kidneys, 1 cat who is blind with kidney failure & high blood pressure, 1 cat with skin allergies, 1 with kidney issues, 1 with kidney issues and high blood pressure,

It doesn’t take long for the bills to mount up even though we do our up most to keep costs down and receive large discounts from our vets, we all know that treatment is costly. So, here is our beautiful bunch of 18 felines who are cared for in homes to see out their days in luxury, warm cosy with plenty of food and love which is never in short supply. We never put a cat to sleep because of age or treatable illnesses it is purely their quality of life and any suffering that would determine the end the life of any cat in our care.

If you wish to make a donation towards their care as a one off or a regular donation this can be as little as a £1 a month to as much as you like. Every £1 makes all the difference if we received £1 a month from every member for our long-term cats that’s £12 a year that would give us a total of £3,600 a year. How amazing would that be! £1 a month that’s not even a cost of 1 cup of coffee a month or a newspaper. Can you make that difference and help relieve the pressure on our finances?

 Donating is easy please click on the large donate button and select either to pay a one off payment or monthly payment by Debit/Credit Card/Paypal. This can all be done via our website NO forms to fill in. Or if you prefer you can set up a one off or regular payment by standing order to Santander Bank Account number 41232675 Sort code 09-01-27, or alternatively please complete a multi donation form and send it in the post with a cheque made Payable to Orpington Cat Rescue.
We have created a wish list through Amazon, where we have listed much needed items for the cats.
If you would like to donate any items please click on the Amazon button below.
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Paypal Donating is easy please click on the large donate button and select either to pay a one off payment or monthly payment by Debit/Credit Card/Paypal. This can all be done via our website NO forms to fill in. Alternatively you can make a one off or regular payment by Bank Transfer to our Santander Bank Account number 41232675 Sort code 09-01-27. Please quote your name as a reference.
Whitey Was discovered in a barn in the middle of nowhere, He was about 12 weeks old and very hungry, no other cats/mum were found. After being trapped and taken to the vets for initial health check and taken under our wing. Although in time he became friendly with me, he cannot be found if strangers approach the house, he has remained feral with other people which is extremely difficult to find a home for cats like this. Gill x
TinyTiny is a feral, born outside and was living in a coal bunker. When she came to us, she had two nine-month-old kittens and five five-week-old kittens and they were all so pretty. The older boys took some time to turn around, but luckily found a loving home where the owners were happy to work with them and eventually, they were friendly, loving boys. All the other kittens were homed very quickly, but sadly their mummy was not. Tiny stayed with me for three years in which time we tried to find her a home, but she was too timid so she stayed. Now Tiny is so much improved living indoors with me she has become my little friend, but still terrified of strangers. Gill x
Joey is a sweet little cat now; he has calmed down from when we first cared for him. He came with his mother and 4 brothers and sisters. The mother was one of 15 cats trapped at a stable, 9 were female and nearly all pregnant, including Joey's mum. They were trapped by another charity that was full up, so we offered to take one and other charities did too. So, Joey's mum had 5 kittens. It's difficult when the mother is feral to handle the kittens, you get attacked as they are very protective, hence they were all nervous, but very naughty. Eventually Joey and Billy went to a home together, but sadly it didn't work out as these two boys were very naughty and nervous, breaking things and chewing wires, so sadly they were returned. As there was no space in the cattery by then, they had to come indoors, and I had first hand experience of these naughty boys. Black, nervous and naughty didn't attract the homes so hence they stayed. Unfortunately, little Billy had to be put to sleep after an illness and no more could be done and Joey is feeling lost, but he's a dear little boy as was his lovely brother.
Violet & Fi Fi
VioletFiViolet & Fi Fi were brought into us by a young couple who had bought them from a pet shop, but found them to be feral. They said they wondered why the pet shop owner had worn gauntlets to get them out of the cage and realised why after they got them home and couldn't get anywhere near them! They were about four months old when we took them on and despite trying very hard to find them a home, all efforts failed, so they were brought indoors from a garden pen, where after a very long time they gradually became friendly with us, but still nervous with strangers. Gill x
Truffles Truffles was originally one of a pair with his mother Tabitha, who very sadly we had to say goodbye to at a very grand age of 19.
These beautiful cats were rescued by us from a back street breeder, the place was filthy, they had a very lucky escape. Because they hadn't been socialized at all, they were really semi feral. When they were with us to begin with, they were kept in a cattery and when potential owners came to see them, they would climb the wires. After a long stay they were brought indoors, where they then became better, but only with people they knew so hence they stayed. Truffles is nearly 18 years old (2022) sleeps a lot and misses his mummy as they always cuddled up together, it's very sad. He's a lovely old boy.
Ma Ma & Big Boy
Ma MaBig BoyMa Ma & Big Boy and his mum were dumped in a box up a country lane behind someone's driveway gates. The woman took her children to school and when she came back there was the box containing mum and kitten! They grew into two very large cats, longhaired back and white beauties, but despite being on the website for nearly three years we had only two enquiries and they were not suitable homes, so they stayed. Gill x
Lincoln Blue
Lincoln BlueLincoln blue came into my care about seven years ago. He had been in one of Gills pens for quite some time. Unfortunately, he was very difficult to rehome, as he had a history of biting, and would do this when any prospective owners came to see him. He has only bitten me a few times, as I have become adept at avoiding any situation which might provoke this kind of behaviour. Lincoln (or Linky as I call him) is an old boy now-he's at least fifteen. He is diabetic, which means that I have to inject him twice a day. He’s normally cooperative, but he has started to run away when he sees the syringe. I always catch him, and he gives in graciously. He is a very handsome boy very affectionate. As far as the other cats are concerned, Lincoln is definitely "the boss". Sue x
EvieEvie is a British British Shorthair, who came into my care about five years ago. She was used as a breeding cat, and was given away when the breeder had no more use for her. She had never been socialised, and, to this day remains very difficult to handle as she is so timid. She is fine with my other cats, but will only allow me to put my hand up to her nose. I would love to cuddle her, but she doesn’t let me. She's so pretty, and is a little sweetheart, although the vet didn't think so when she bit his wrist so badly that he had to attend A&E!! I think she will always be fearful of people, which is rather sad. Sue x
JillyJilly was originally a stray that one of our members was feeding. She noticed the little black and white cat was waiting every night when she put out the fox’s food. Nervous at first, she soon became friendly with her and eventually she managed to get her into a basket and get her to the vets. When she found she wasn't chipped she started to knock at doors, put out notices but no one came forward so Jilly was put up for homing. We did find her a nice home, but sadly Jilly was not happy about it and very nervous and within a few hours had smashed through the locked cat flap. It took us 6 weeks of searching before we found her, very thin and very nervous, so she came back into our care. Several people went to see Jilly but no one chose her, so she stays with her foster mummy who loves her very much. Sandra x
KimmieWhat a sad story for dear Kimmie at 14 years old. She is now looking for a new home. Having now lost two different owners sadly both passed away. Firstly when she was 6 years old and now at 14 years old!. Kimmie has also recently been diagnosed with renal problems so needs to be on a special diet Apart from that she has no other health issues. She is a little timid and was not very happy in the cattery and really feeling stressed as you can imagine her whole life once again in turmoil poor Kimmie. Kimmie is now in a long term foster home now where she can be part of a family once again her final security.
PickleMeet beautiful Pickle, she was given her name as she always seemed to get in a pickle!. Pickle loves a lap to snuggle into, purrs and dribbles to her hearts content. She loves to be fussed and really is a very special girl. Pickle still thinks she has four legs and runs and plays, she has no problem with stairs and even a six foot fence!.
Pickle was involved in an accident the injuries pointed & which we believe were caused by a animal trap. This was not the first time and sadly the second time her paw was so badly injured the only option was to have her front leg removed as she had no feeling and completely cold the nerves and infection had spread. Pickle has adjusted well but it took her awhile. She is still very agile and her owners had no alternative but to re-home her. They were concerned if this happened a third time and only having 3 legs she wouldn't be able to get herself home with only two mobile legs. And living in rural Gloucestershire most homes are surrounded by open spaces, fields, country lanes and of course traps. There garden was impossible to cat-proof. She is now in a safe foster home with a cat-proof fenced/walled garden or catio where Pickle can still enjoy the outside but safe away from harm, with no escape route out of windows and doors at the front.
Pickle is 8 years old, spayed, fully vaccinated, chipped, vet checked and wormed/deflead.
HaciMeet gorgeous friendly Haci this little man sadly due to personal circumstances the family needed to move back to Turkey and the insulin cats have cannot be sourced in Turkey sadly. We did extensive research and the only option was for Haci to stay in the UK. The decision was not taken lightly and with a heavy heart Haci was signed over to Orpington cat Rescue.
Haci diabetes is very well controlled and this involves giving him 2 injections in a 24 hour period 12 hours apart and regular 6 monthly blood tests. Haci takes his injection so well and doesn't flinch or bother him at all.
Haci is 13 years old a friendly healthy boy and likes to pop out in the garden and have some form of outside space to enjoy the sunshine.
Haci may have diabetes and in senior years but he certainly doesn't seem to let that get in his way of having a normal life.
Haci has settled well with all the other permanent cats here at Orpington cat Rescue and enjoys his safe cat-proofed garden and house. A happy ending for Haci and somewhere he will see out the rest of his life.
BubbsOCT 2021
Meet beautiful chilled Bubbs. We will never know the full true story of his start in life no more than 7 to 8 weeks old. He has Contracted tendons (twisted legs) to both front legs and we have been told by a orthopaedic vet this deformity would have been from birth. In some cases where the deformity is in one area the legs can have splits applied and changed daily over a period of time and then have use of all the legs for walking but not able to bend. Sadly Bubbs has this deformity in several areas of each leg so this procedure cannot be used.
So now we need to go down other avenues of building his strength on his back legs. And assess him daily, already in a matter of a weeks he has gone from hardly walking to running around using one of his front legs like a monkey and using his back legs like a rabbit. He has gained weight and already blossoming.
Was he still in a litter but fighting to get to food, so not strong enough or was he taken from his mum to soon we will never know so all we can do is move forward with the best outcome possible.
He has now built up strength to jump on the sofa to.
This little fella is determined and with the TLC, veterinary treatment and advice we are confident he will thrive and will be able to lead a life here at Orpington cat Rescue with access to a secure garden, company of other cats and plenty of attention just like all the other cats here with special needs.

JAN 2022
Fast forwarding a few weeks now and Bubbs at 22 weeks old has now been neutered and continues to thrive and lead a normal life. He has yet to discover the garden but when the better weather is here in a couple of months he will have, just like all the other kitties, a safe cat proof fenced garden to explore and finding out about grass, trees, mud, bushes to hide and play in.
Enjoying the sunshine the fresh air and with the help of us use Swings, climbing frames and toys.                                                                                           © Orpington Cat Rescue